Constitution of Vernon Lapidary and Mineral Club

April 10 2019 adopted

Names and Objectives:

  1. The name of this Club shall be ‘The Vernon Lapidary and Mineral Club’
  2. The Objectives of the Club shall be to:  
    1. Promote and encourage the collection and study of gemstones, minerals, etc. and the study of historical and geological conditions within B.C.
    2. To encourage the exploration of Lapidary material and minerals, plus locating historical geological formations through Field trips. 
    3. To follow the British Columbia Lapidary Society” Code of Ethics”.
    4. To promote the cutting and polishing of rock and gem material (known as lapidary).  This hobby work is to be defined as activity that does not require a license.
    5. To encourage closer association and dissemination of knowledge on mineralogy and earth sciences with allied clubs and educational organizations.
    6. To publicize the work of the Club within the BC Lapidary Society Rockhounder, and through the media and other practical means.